Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stages of Change

The process of change can be very difficult. Knowing where you are at in your change process can be a helpful tool in understanding your level of readiness and how to move forward to support your desire to change.

Stages of Change:

Precontemplation: You are not considering change at this stage. Other people may be encouraging change, but you may not see any need for change at this time.

Contemplation: You are thinking about a change, but are not ready to do anything about it yet. For example, you may think you need to lose weight but are not planning to make any behavior or dietary changes yet.

Preparation: You are beginning to develop a plan for change, but have not yet acted upon it.

Action: You have indicated the desire to change, made a goal for change, and created a plan which you are now implementing.

Maintenance: You have been implementing your change plan for a period of time and are achieving consistent, positive results. You continue to work at your plan and make any minor adjustments to support long term change.

Relapse: You revert back to old, unhealthy behaviors. You may re-enter at any stage when ready to begin the change process again.

Where are you at in your stage of change? Consider getting support at any stage to help fuel your success. For more information about how Open Doors Counseling can help you on your path to change, please call us at 602-499-9952 or visit our website at

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