Friday, October 26, 2012

Creating Balance

What is balance?

Balance is a word that is often used, but how does it apply to wellness? Having a balanced life decreases stress, improves self esteem, and increases functioning. But how is balance achieved? 

First, look at all the following areas in your life and determine if they currently feel balanced:
Self Esteem
Stress Management
Time Management

Next, write down what you are currently doing to achieve balance in these areas, and what you would like to do. Add the items you feel would help you achieve more balance to your daily routine. Try it for a week and evaluate how it is working for you. How did you feel? What worked? What didn’t? How did you feel? Make any needed adjustments and try it for another week. Once you determine the activities that help you achieve the most balance, continue them and celebrate the balanced lifestyle and wellness you are experiencing!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Selfish vs. Self Care

Often times we put people before ourselves. This happens for many reasons, such as getting positive emotions from helping others, not valuing ourselves as much as we value others, or feeling like the other person needs assistance more than we do. We can feel like we are being selfish if we are doing something for ourselves, as we are not used to doing this on a regular basis. This could not be further from the truth! To be helpful to others, we need to take care of ourselves. The people that are in your life value you, and it is important to internalize that you can value yourself too. Self care is extremely important for wellness. Some examples of self care include:

-Spending time doing something that you enjoy.

-Taking 15 minutes for yourself each day to relax, do breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, or other calming activity.

-Exercise or other activity to care for your physical self.

Incorporating self care into your routine will leave you feeling more balanced so that you will not burn out and can be the best version of yourself for you AND those you love!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Why do we delay happiness?

Change is a difficult thing for most people. We may want change in our lives, but are often scared to do something about it and unsure of how to go about creating change. Fear can keep us from finding the happiness we deserve in our lives. This is where counseling or life coaching can help. It may feel scary going to a stranger to get help with a problem that is very personal, but sometimes an objective view from someone, who has a fresh perspective and is knowledgeable, can help you finally create the change you have been searching for. At Open Doors Counseling, Coaching and Consulting this is exactly what we strive to do. To get more information on how to create change in your life call Open Doors Counseling, Coaching and Consulting at 602-499-9952.