Monday, April 8, 2013

Is what I am feeling normal?

As a therapist, I constantly get the question from clients "Is what I am feeling normal?" In a world where we are told "Big girls/boys don't cry" and "Just get over it," it is hard to acknowledge and honor our feelings. Have you ever not shared how you feel with someone because you were afraid how they would react, or that they would think your feelings are "stupid"? This happens frequently and causes individuals to question their own emotions.

In therapy, one of the first goals is to understand, honor and validate your thoughts and emotions. No one else has walked in your shoes, so your feelings are normal for your experience. If you do not like how you are feeling, the next part of the process in therapy is to explore ways to think about and cope with your experience in a different way to help you lead a healthier and happier life.

So the next time you ask yourself "Is what I am feeling normal?," remember that the answer is YES and that you have the power to create change in your life! If you feel like you are ready to start your path to change, please contact Open Doors Counseling, Coaching and Consulting at 602-499-9952.