Thursday, June 6, 2013

Don't let the heat make your anger temperature rise!

With the rising temperatures, the summer heat often can affect our moods. Irritability, agitation and anger are common emotions, but you don't have to let them ruin your summer! Here are some helpful tips to keep your anger temperature low:

1. Identify what triggers your anger and reduce exposure to these triggers. If your temperature boils during the freeway rush hour, try leaving at different times or taking a different route.
2. Identify your anger level. Think about emotions on a scale from 1-10. For example, a 1 could be slight annoyance, 5 could be frustration, and 10 could be rage. Do a self check with how high your anger level really is and look at some strategies to reduce it before it gets to an unmanageable level.
3. Find outlets for your emotions. Exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, or talking to a supportive person are all great outlets to release your emotions in a positive way and help keep your overall stress level lower.

For more ways to learn how to better manage anger, call Open Doors Counseling, Coaching and Consulting to schedule an appointment at 602-499-9952. Happy Summer!