Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Myths About Counseling Answered

As the first month of 2014 passes, many people have already given up on their New Year's resolutions. It is difficult to create change, especially if the patterns you are working on are deep rooted. Counseling can be a great way to understand the origins of these patterns, and develop healthy thoughts that support feelings of wellness and positive change. Here are some common myths and misconceptions about counseling that prevent many people from seeking assistance during their change process:

1. Going to counseling means I am crazy.
- Many people experience life situations and symptoms that make coping difficult, but it does not mean you are crazy. Your counselor can work with you on identifying coping skills to fit your particular unique situation in a non-judgmental environment.

2. I should be able to do it on my own.
- While you have many amazing strengths you bring to the table, it is hard for many people to make permanent change on their own without a support system. Counseling can provide a fresh perspective and positive support to help kick start your change in a new way.

3. They can't understand me if they have not been in my shoes.
- Because you are unique, no person can have the exact same experience as you. While your counselor may or may not have personal experience in the area of change you have identified, they can bring new thoughts, insights, and strategies that can apply to a wide variety of situations.

4. Nothing is going to change anyway.
- Change is created when energy is put into a new way of thinking or approaching something. While your counselor can help you through this process, you will also have to bring energy and effort into the process to create long term change. Together, you and your counselor can create a plan to help you reach the change you desire.

5. Counseling is too expensive.
- At Open Doors we strive to make counseling affordable to everyone. We contract with a variety of insurance plans and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's) to be accessible through your health care coverage. We can also be creative with session length and frequency to make services affordable on any budget.

Don't give up on your New Year's Resolution just yet! Why not give counseling a try to see if you can find a new path toward creating the change you want in your life? Call us today at 602-499-9952 or visit us at to see how counseling can help you reach your goals for change.